Creative Thinker - Renaissance Woman

" Fascinating, innovative, creative and pushing forward with new directions requiring leadership."

Maryland Healthcare

Education Institute

Governance Leadership Conference



" She drew upon that rare combination of intelligence, creativity, and humour to keep us thinking and laughing throughout her address."

Cath Kenney

School of Media and Design, Algonquin College



A cross-discipline thought leader with groundbreaking insights on the environment, innovation, discovery and leadership, Dr. Roberta Bondar is one of North America's most sought-after and respected presenters.

Meeting and conference planners from organizations as diverse as Yale University, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Gartner, Investors Group, Capgemini, Pfizer, Oracle, and the FBI have come to depend on her as a valued partner in planning and delivering customized presentations that consistently move audiences to their next level.

Dr. Bondar draws on her remarkable depth of expertise as an astronaut, physician, scientific researcher, photographer, author, environment interpreter and team leader to stimulate, motivate, educate and inspire.

By customizing each speech and keynote, Dr. Bondar brings added value with her maturity, wisdom gained from "in the trenches" life experiences, broad educational background and depth of personality. This unique combination will ensure that any event will be extraordinary.

Board Involvement

  • The Roberta Bondar Foundation

         President and Director

  • Arctic Rose Project (promoting safe environments in the Arctic, incl. food banks)

         Member of the Advisory Board

  • Com Dev International

         Chair, Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee

         Member, Human Resources and Compensation Committee